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Anthropology Subject Guide

I 've been meaning to post this for almost two weeks now and of course I either keep forgetting or come home at night and fall asleep. This is the most fun in an assignment I've have all semester. It's supposed to be a handout for students in anthropology (yes, of course I chose that topic!) to get them started with ideas of resources the library has. Some of these are great books and websites I could not have done without in university and some of them I wish I would have known about before now.

Disclaimer: Library name and email address are made up. Do not attempt to email.


Introduction to Anthropology Resources – A Guide

Written and published by SOCIAL SCIENCES UNIVERSITY LIBRARY © 2008


This guide has been researched and put together with the anthropology student in mind. Beginning with general and introductory resources you may find useful to learn more about the world of anthropology and ending with sources to guide you through in-depth topic studies and research papers.



These resources will compliment introductory studies as you learn more about the world of anthropology.


McGee, Jon R. and Richard L. Warms. Anthropological Theory: An Introductory History, 3rd ed., 2003, GN33.M33 2003

This anthology introduces the reader to 43 influential writings within the discipline by dividing them into historical periods of theoretical thought since the foundations of anthropology up until the present. It provides the reader with original writings, includes commentary, explanations of theoretical frameworks and footnotes written by the editors to guide the reader through.


Birx, James H. (ed.), Encyclopedia of Anthropology, Volume 1-5, 2005,GN 11 E63 2006

Approx. 1000 articles dealing with topics within anthropology and organized alphabetically for ease of use. Examples of entries include “Adaptation, Cultural”, “Ancestor Worship”, “Anthropology, Social”, and “Animals”.


Barfield, Thomas, The Dictionary of Anthropology, 1997, GN 307 D485

Definitions of issues, methods, concepts, theories and general anthropological terms. Examples of entries include “fieldwork”, “eugenics”, “deviance”, “assimilation”, “feminist anthropology”, and “infanticide”.


Amit, Vered (ed.) Biographical Dictionary of Social and Cultural Anthropology, 2004, GN 20 B56

The biographical dictionary introduces the reader to approximately 600 anthropologists who have had an influential impact on the field. Examples of entries include E.E. Evans-Prichard, Mary Douglas, Marshall Sahlins, Richard B. Lee, Margaret Mead, Franz Boas, Edmund Leach, and Clifford Geertz.



Case studies within anthropology are prominent and usually deal with one or two culture areas as well as a broad subtopic as a framework for studying that area. These “ethnographies” as well as other resources can be used as secondary sources for research papers. Search under “[topic]” + “ethnography” in the catalogue (ex. “Folklore + ethnography” or “China + ethnography”) to find more.


Malki, Liisa H., Purity and Exile, 1995, DT499.3.H88M35 1995

This book explores race relations and cultural identity among Hutu and Tutsi peoples of Tanzania. The study focuses on the experience of people living in refugee camps and tries to come to terms with how cultural imagination has played a part in their circumstances.


Balikci, Asen, The Netsilik Eskimo, 1970, E99.E7B16 1970

This book is an anthropological classic dealing with the material culture, technology and social structure of Netsilik culture in the Arctic Circle. It is a comprehensive study, trying to detail all aspects of Netsilik life.


Handbook of North American Indians, 1978, E77 .H25

This handbook is 17 volumes long and introduces the reader to a wide range of topics and studies in this diverse culture area. Examples of information include pre-history, history, language studies, environment, and economy.


Price, David H. Atlas of World Culture,. 2004. GN345.3 .M86

This print format atlas is one of few atlases specifically designed for ethnographic studies by anthropologists. The atlas provides 41 maps and an index to the location of 3500 ethnic groups and tribes.


United Nations Demographic Yearbook, 2000-2006,

The yearbook provides statistical analysis on population, fertility, mortality, and other issues concerning the world’s population (by country).


Yale University, Human Relations Area Files (HRAF), 2008,

This index provides the researcher with a tool for finding excerpts from a wide variety of resources by choosing a culture and topic of study. For example, the researcher can search for “Dwellings” under the culture “Dominican” and any paragraph which has been written on Dominican dwellings will be displayed for the researcher to read. Bibliographic citations are listed for the researcher. There are also comprehensive guides for using HRAF available




Use these resources as a means to finding more information and writing on your chosen topic for research papers and essays.


Northey, Margot et. Al., Making Sense: A Student’s Guide to Research and Writing: Social Sciences, 2002 H62.N67 2001

This guidebook includes information on the Social Sciences Style (SSS) for essay writing formats and citation as well as APA and MLA.


Bernard, H. Russel. Handbook of Methods in Cultural Anthropology. 1998, GN345 .H37 1998

Learn how anthropologists frame their research, acquire information through observation, document information, and then interpret and apply this information.


Current Anthropology, 1959-2008, GN1 .C8

A University of Chicago peer reviewed journal dedicated to a wide range of topics within the field of anthropology.


Cultural Anthropology, 2008, GN 301.C85

The journal includes articles on a wide range of topics within the field of anthropology. To see a list of journals in anthropology which deal with specific subfields, you can consult the AAA Publications site:


Jarvis, Hugh, WEDA – Worldwide Email Directory of Anthropologists, 2008,

A great resource for research topics is other anthropologists and institutions which deal with your specific topic. Use WEDA to search for anthropologists who have studied similar topics to your own. Type in your topic in the “research interest” box, for example, “kinship” or “art”.


JSTOR, 2000-2008,     

JSTOR is an index used to search through hundreds of academic journals, including anthropology and other social science journals. Narrow your search by “full-text” and downloadable articles only or broaden your search to include all possible resources.


Anthropological Index of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 1963-2008, GN1. R62x

Search through this index to identify useful print resources and articles for your research paper. Search by keyword (ex. Kinship) or author (ex. Geertz, Clifford). You may also search the index free online:



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